Ever Wondered How
to Boil a Fresh Egg?


At Phoenix Ranch, home of RenoEgg.com, we have a variety of chicken breeds. Breed and age determines size. Our eggs range from small to jumbo. We sell by weight, so small eggs are packed in cartons of 18 and sold as a dozen. The USDA sizing is based by weight per dozen, with the most common size egg being large. Here is the USDA sizing chart:

Jumbo ~ Greater than 2.5 oz.

Extra Large ~ Greater than 2.25 oz.

Large ~ Greater than 2 oz.

Medium ~ Greater than 1.75 oz.

Small ~ Greater than 1.5 oz.

Peewee ~ Greater than 1.25 oz.

The only time size matters is when following recipes which are typically based on large eggs.

Our fresh eggs are GRADE AA

Fresh eggs contain more nutrients. The USDA and the State of Nevada grade eggs by interior quality and exterior condition.


· thick, firm whites with clean, high and round yolks

As you go down in grades (A to B) the whites become thinner and yolks become wider and flatter.


Farm fresh eggs are better for you.

· Put a cold egg into water that is already boiling

· Cook for 8-10 minutes (longer for larger eggs)

· Immediately place cooked egg into an ice bath and chill for at least 1/2 hour

· Peel and enjoy!

Does Size Matter?

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